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The trend of consumers and the food industry to shift to the use of healthy food products, green label and Vegan products, has led us to new innovative productions of 100% natural ingredients, which aim to replace synthetic preparations (antioxidants, antimicrobials, preservatives).

Our business is constantly evolving and expanding. We offer a wide variety of Greek products in concentrated form, such as olive polyphenols, aromatic olive extracts, lyophilized (freeze-dried) fruits and vegetables. To satisfy all our customers' requests, we have the possibility of different particle sizes: pieces, granules or powders.

The high-tech production processes we follow, are our means and our strength. During the application of the technologies, the products keep all their properties unchanged at high concentration.

The company, in cooperation with its customers, has the ability to produce additional lyophilized (freeze-dried) fruits and vegetables from those listed in the catalogue.

Product Categories

  • We produce according to costumers needs