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Our values

Respect for our customers and our products

Natural products

We treat the raw material we receive with care and respect. The process we use is a high-tech process for removing cellular water under vacuum at low temperature. The products we produce are completely natural, with no coloring or flavoring or other additives. Due to the removal of cellular water, the products are concentrated, resulting in a multiplication of nutrient content, taste and aroma.

High quality

We do everything we can, in order to offer you the best of every fruit. We source the best raw materials from local producers. The time from harvesting of the fruit to production and packaging is the shortest possible. This, allows us to offer our customers high quality ingredients that can be used for high quality preparations. All necessary controls are carried out both in terms of analyses of raw materials and our finished products.

Quality guarantee

22 months lifetime for our products. Perfect packaging: triple-layered aluminium bag for storage at room temperature, which does not allow moisture, light and oxygen to come into contact with the product. We apply the rules of Good Agricultural Practice with a strict selection of raw materials and the producers-suppliers with whom we work. 

Sustainable development

Our company, particularly sensitive to sustainable development issues, follows rules from the receipt of the fruit to the delivery of the final products. The process of removing cellular water consumes the minimum amount of energy. Our main goal is to minimize the amount of residues discarded from the production process. We maintain full cooperation with local communities in the context of sustainable development and the circular economy.

Did you know that ...

We remove with high-tech machinery, the cellular water contained in the fruit. This water accounts for almost 90% of the total weight of fresh fruit. In our company, we use this sub-product that is usually discarded! This cellular water of the fruit is collected and used in special cosmetic applications. Our effort, is to use all the components of the fruits we transform.

Close to the customer

We are the only company in Greece that produces products using the lyophilization (freeze drying) method and this makes us extremely important for our partners. We build relationships with our partners. We listen to their needs and modify our processes to produce the products they need. We collaborate on new projects with them so that they are completely successful. Our consulting team is always at the disposal of our customers.

Respect for society

At STYMON Natural Products, we think about society as a whole. The safety of our employees is our priority. We train and inform our staff about any new technology. Each and every one of our associates is valuable to us. We are all committed to solidarity and loyalty to our company. We cooperate with suppliers and producers from the neighbouring regions.