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Η εταιρία μας

Our mission

The company's mission is to research, develop and produce innovative products in order to provide high quality products at competitive prices to the food, bio-functional food, fragrance, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, thus ensuring a strategic supplier position for our partners in the international market.

Our vision

Όραμα μας της εταιρίας, είναι να γίνουμε ο καινοτόμος, προτιμητέος προμηθευτής σε φυσικά λυοφιλιωμένα προϊόντα από ελληνικές καλλιέργειες φρούτων, λαχανικών, ελαιοκομίας και γαλακτοκομίας, για όλους τους πελάτες στους οποίους απευθυνόμαστε.

Our values

Respect for our customers and our products

Natural products

We transform the raw material we receive with great care. The process we use is a vacuum drying process that does not require high temperature.  Our products are completely natural with no added colorants, flavourings or other additives. They retain all their taste and nutritional benefits.

High quality

We do our best to offer you the best of every fruit. We source the best raw materials from local producers. The time from harvest to lyophilization (freeze-drying) is the shortest possible. This, allows us to offer our customers high quality ingredients that can be used for high quality preparations. All necessary controls are carried out both in terms of analyses of raw materials and our finished products.

Quality guarantee

22 months lifetime for our products. Perfect packaging: a triple layer bag for room temperature storage which does not allow moisture and light to enter. A rigorous selection of raw materials and local producers and suppliers we work with. Total cooperation with local communities in the context of sustainable development.

Sustainable development

Our company, particularly sensitive to sustainability issues, follows rules from receipt to delivery of products. Our transformation process consumes the minimum amount of energy and produces no waste!

Did you know that ...

When we transform the fruit, we evaporate all the water contained in it. This water accounts for almost 90% of the total weight of the fresh fruit. In our company we use this by-product that is usually discarded! This fruit water is harvested and used in special cosmetic and nutritional applications. Our effort is to use all the components of the fruits we transform.

Close to the customer

We are the only company in Greece that produces products with the lyophilization method and this makes us excellent partners of our customers. We build relationships with our partners. We listen to their needs and modify our processes to produce the products they need. We collaborate on their new projects so that they are completely successful. Our consulting team is always at the disposal of our clients.

Respect for society

At STYMON , we think about society as a whole. The safety of our employees is our priority. We train and inform our staff about any new technology. Each and every one of our employees is valuable to us. We are all committed to solidarity and loyalty to our company.

Method of Processing our Products

We are proud that our company is the first in Greece to use this high technology of lyophilization (freeze-drying) for the production of high quality ingredients for applications in the food, nutrition and cosmetics sector.

The lyophilization (freeze-drying) process respects the quality and the particularities of each fruit. We believe that in nature all ingredients are essential, so we try to use all the raw material as much as possible to reduce waste. The solid part of the fruit is used in food, nutraceutical and cosmetic sectors. The water from the fruit is used in cosmetic products.

The low-temperature dehydration process allows us to evaporate almost all the water contained in the fruit. Typically, 10 kg of fresh fruit yields about 1 kg of dehydrated products. The process is completely natural and the final product is stable without preservatives or additives. This is why our products keep all their nutrients intact. The extracted fruit water can be used in cosmetics. The dehydrated fruits can be used immediately in any preparation.



Deep Freezing (-35°C)

Lyophilization/Freeze Drying


Quality and Safety

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The start-up company Stymon Natural Products IKE is a Private Equity Company which was established in July 2015 as Tecnosfat with headquarters in Patras. The company has a share capital of EUR 1,010,810 and a G.E.M.H. registration number 135367716000. The partners of Stymon Natural Products have broad business experience, in particular experience in the food industry, biofuels, scientific equipment, agricultural production, research and development of innovative products. Partners in Stymon Natural Products IKE are:

  • Paraskevas-Kyriakos Pettas of Pavlos, 190 Riga Feraiou, Patras
  • Pavlos Pettas of Paraskevas , 190 Riga Ferraiou, Patras
  • Sofia Petta of Paraskeva, 190 Riga Feraiou, Patras, Greece
  • Dimitrios Alfredos Parthenopoulos of Andreas, Chemin des Plateires 20, Pully, Switzerland
  • Konstantinos Haloulos of Ioannis, 4 Danae, Gerakas
  • Ioannis - Hector Haloulos of Konstantinos, 25 Ethnikis Antistaseos, Gerakas
  • Gregorios Timosides of Ioannis, Kokkinochoma, Kavala

All partners participate in the company with capital contributions. The manager of the company is Paraskevas - Kyriakos Pettas.

Company Information:

VAT No: 800676481
Tax Office: of Patras
Registration No: 135367716000